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Here Are 8 Reasons Why I Refuse to Be Judged Because I Enjoy 'Bigg Boss.'

All Bigg Boss crazy are invited! Should they be referred to as "secret admirers"? Here's a heartwarming message for all those Bigg Boss fans who are hesitant to admit that they enjoy watching the show in public. It's tiring to live in fear of being judged, having your IQ called into question, and being punished for your television choices.

If you show your interest in this highly popular brand of reality television, you'll almost likely be interrogated: "How do you keep watching all this crap?" Why don't you have a seat and watch something fun? Allow me to recommend some Netflix shows to watch; I am confident that this will help you understand the importance of watching quality content. crap blah blah booms This constant nagging bothers me to no end. Here, check details about Bigg Boss 15 Mx Player.

It gets to the point where you'd rather admit that you do watch the show and enjoy it! For anyone who has chastised you for watching Bigg Boss, here's what they need to know about why it's the perfect guilty pleasure.

1. It appeals to us because it serves us a reminder of how false the cosmos may be.

2. We like it because we get to see more of Salman Khan and less of his acting. The actor is an outspoken version of himself on the channel, and it's entertaining to see him slam contestants on "Weekend Ka Vaar."

3. We like it because it helps us understand that we can't go to the same level of stupidity as the contestants, not because of the uncalled brawls.

4. It's amusing to see and demonstrates how not to be. As a result, we feel better about ourselves!

5. An example of why we shouldn't be worried about bullies in our life. Nothing could be more frustrating than spending three months alone in the same house as your bully.

6. It appeals to us because it allows us to view celebrities in their natural environment. Especially when you witness them bashing each other on national television. It says a lot about who they are.

7. We enjoy it because it recognizes that we are among the world's most patient people, capable of taking any amount of rubbish, regardless of the circumstances.

8. It's a no-brainer flick, thus it's one of our favorites. There's no complicated plot, no narrative arc, no hidden hints; it's just mindless television that you watch after a long day at work while eating supper.


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